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GreenLife Biotics

Grease Pack # 2 with 8 oz. Bloom Accelerant - Shipping included

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Lower 48 states only contact for HI & AK

Hybrid Nutrients pack both Organic and GLB Clean Mineral (salts and heavy metals removed) This would be the best pack for Hydro or small drip emitters.

Add to any base nutrient and cal- mag if not in base.  Use in Hydro, Soilless or Soil.

We want you to side by side verses your current line and nutrient recipe.

This pack will raise Resin, Quality and Yield.  Grease pack #1 is for quality.  Grease Pack #2 is for Quality and Yield as well as higher cannabinoid production. The addition of the Bloom Accelerant will make a noticeable difference in super clean taste,  faster flower formation as well as reducing flower time up to 5-7 days without reduction in quality or yield. 

8 oz. Enhance MC Microbial, 2 oz. GLB Micro DS, 8oz. GLB Brix57, 8 oz Bloom Accelerant,

* Enhance MC Microbial- Nitrogen Fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes as well as microbes that break down cellulose turning it into a food source for your plants. With Kelp and 6% fulvic acid. 0.25-1mL depending if hydro to Super Soil

* GLB Micro DS - 0.01% sodium super clean with the proper amounts and available for your plants. Micronutrients are cofactors in enzymes that create secondary metabolites (terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids) 0.1- 0.2mL max rate application per gallon

* GLB Brix57 - All natural 1/2 organic non gmo plant based fructose and glucose carbohydrates.  This is not a by product of the Sugar industry like Molasses (sugarcane or sugar beets) This is made specifically for plants and result are visible.  1-2 mL per gallon. If used Day 1 of flower nodes may space 5 plus inches depending on genetics and environment.  Start Day 15 of flower if worried about too much stretch at beginning of flower.

* Bloom Accelerant PK Boost 0.5-17-17 -  0.03% sodium- super clean, makes overall plants have higher quality and yield. 3 mL per gallon in Hydro or daily reservoir, 6 mL per gallon in Every Other Day feeding.