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32 oz GLB Brix57 Shipping Included

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GLB Brix57 is an all-natural, non gmo, plant-based carbohydrate created specifically as a food source for microorganisms rather than a molasses, sugar beet or sugarcane, which is a by-product related to the sugar industry.  Microbes must first break down molasses prior to consuming. The difference can be seen on indoor plants with only 1 ml per gallon compared to over 15 mL of a molasses.  We also compare 1 mL of Brix57 to 7 plus mL of hydroponic $100 a gallon carbohydrate-based products.  Outdoor plants and gardens can use much less at 1-3 mL per week during flowering phase. Brix57 can be used in hydroponic systems as well as soilless and soil mediums.