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GreenLife Biotics

Grease Pack #3 Sample Pack Shipping Included

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Hybrid Nutrient Pack both Organic and GLB Clean Mineral 

Add to any base nutrient. This Grease Pack has organic products that are best used  as a hand feed not in drip emitters except at small doses. We recommend to hand feed if using all six products. 

*** If an Organic Grower only normally top dresses this will usually pull more into the pot and the top dress may not be enough. Until we get a second version up send an email and ask for Enhance MC Kelp instead of the normal Enhance MC  as it has a reduced Fulvic Acid and will not make so much available to the plant. ***

8 oz. Enhance MC Microbial, 2 oz. GLB Micro DS, 8 oz. GLB Brix57, 8 oz. Bloom Accelerant, 8 oz. Liquid Organic Matter, and  8 oz. GLB Roots2Shoots.

* Enhance MC Microbial- Nitrogen Fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes as well as microbes that break down cellulose turning it into a food source for your plants. With Kelp and 6% fulvic acid. 0.25-.5mL. ( Enhance MC Kelp has only 0.2 mL Fulvic Acid and a raised amount of Kelp if a mostly organic grower is using Please contact through email if you want the Kelp version) 472-944 gallon of water

* GLB Micro DS. 0.01% sodium super clean with the proper amounts available for your plants. Micronutrients are cofactors in enzymes that create secondary metabolites (terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids) 0.1- 0.2mL max rate application per gallon -2 oz bottle 300-600 gallons of water

* GLB Brix57 All natural 1/2 organic non gmo plant based fructose and glucose carbohydrates.  This is not a by product of the Sugar industry like Molasses (sugarcane or sugar beets) This is made specifically for plants and result are visible.  1-2 mL per gallon. 118-236 gallons of water

* Bloom Accelerant PK Boost 0.5-17-17  0.03% sodium super clean make overall plants higher quality and yield. Reduced ppms only need to add at 1-2 mL over the top of what you currently use. 118-236 gallons of water

* Liquid Organic Matter -  Humic substances - it will say humic acid but true complete mined lignite ore will have humic and fulvic acid as well as "Humin" in it.  it is a biotic and abiotic stress reducer that may have minute trace elements that help with uptake of nutrients but also raises quality of secondary metabolites. Due to the pulling out of slats this product works at a much higher efficiency than normal lignite ore based products. 11/-944 gallons of water

* GLB Roots2Shoots.  2-1-2 Amino Acids, Organic Acids and our Cold Homogenized Fish. The Amino and Fish based nitrogen is closer to a 2.75 N. It is used as an organic root accelerant, amino acid and secondary metabolite amendment. , Roots2Shoots can be used in propagation through week 3 flower for a rooting as well as the amino acid and secondary metabolites support for a healthy plant but used week 4 of flower until flush. It will not cause additional rooting after week 2-3 of flower and will only support flowering function from week 4 until harvest or up until flush if there is one.  236-944 gallons of water

All products can be used as add-ons while not changing your current program.